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Изображения по запросу home remedy for cough for babies

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So, I’m not suggesting any home remedy for babies below 3 months. I never recommend any kind of oral remedy to the baby below 6 months of age. I am sharing few home remedies to treat common cold and cough in infants.


Cold and Cough are common symptoms in infants during winter and rainy seasons. Here are the three common remedies that are used widely in India. Apart from...


Common cold and cough can be cured by applying simple home remedies. It will also give strength to the immune system of baby.


If your baby has caught a cough, there are chances that other family members may get sick because virus spreads rapidly from one person to another.


Simple home remedies give babies fast relief from cough and cold symptoms.


Let your baby stay away from medicines because drugs can cause a life-threatening situation for babies below one year of age. Apply some of the home remedies for cold and cough that is free of drugs.


Sometime back, I was talking with a friend and we started exchanging home remedies for cold and cough in babies and kids and that’s when the idea for this post struck me.


Lemon is another good home remedy. Being rich in vitamin C, lemon helps boost the immune system and assists the body in fighting colds and flu.


11 Safe home remedies for cold and flu.


2.9k. SHARES. Share Tweet. Looking for home remedies for cold and cough in babies and kids? Struggling to find cough remedies for babies under 1 as you do not want to give antibiotics to your baby? Do you need gharelu nuskhe for cold or cold remedies for babies that really work?


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