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The second person pronoun вы is the plural of ты and is also used, as vous and usted are in French and Spanish, respectively, for polite address to one person. .... 1: один (ah-DEEN) m, одна (ahd-NAH) f, одно (ahd-NOH) n (one can say раз (raz) when counting smthng); 2: два (dvah) mn, две (dvyeh) f; 3: три (tree) ...

Перевод контекст "the Magi" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: And for 3000 years... we, the Magi, the descendants of Pharaoh's sacred bodyguards, kept watch.

There are also times when talking to a certain person in English in school or in shops, I suddenly forget a word or it pops up into my head faster in Spanish, so I go from English to Spanish and then back and that's ... Int: Kara, being bilingual you have a lot more choices than, say, I do with things like movies, music, books.

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supplies in spanish. Posted Oct 18, 2011.

For example, in Spain "el bachillerato" is the school that is on track to university.

(I am a high school Spanish teacher. One day, the projector in my classroom is not functioning properly. While the students work independently, I decide to climb up on a desk so I can reach the projector and try to fix it.

You should specify which Spanish-speaking country or region these sentences are used in, as in Spain (as the question asks) you don't usually say "qué gusto de verte".

This Site Might Help You. RE: how do i say school supplies in spanish? i have to do this project i dont kno how to say it.

How do you say can i say after school in spanish? Puedo decirlo después de que terminen las clases.

How do you say school in Spanish?

How do i say "School Supplies" in Spanish! I'm in spanish one and i need to know how to say School Supplies in Spanish. Thx all.

School Supplies Learn Spanish Words — Learn a Language Learn the words for school supplies in Spanish with free audio flash cards and the Lingo Dingo.

How do you say, "How is school?" or "How is school going?" in Spanish?

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