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How to say "Enjoy your holidays" in French? Human translation is shown below.


How do you say "enjoy your food" in French? Update Cancel. ad by Rosetta Stone.


The right way of saying how are you in French is 'kom-mohn tah-lay voo'. You will need to practice this a little, before you get it to roll off your tongue just right. These phrases should see you through your first week in France, and allow you to embrace the change, and enjoy all that the new experience has to...


One English word whose translation I tend to hesitate on is "enjoy". English-French dictionaries tend to give one of a few suggestions. Here's a roundup, along with my reasons for hesitating.


How to say enjoy your vacation in French.


What is the correct translation of enjoy your meal to French?


How do you say have a good weekend in French? "passe / passez un bon week-end".


One would generally say Passez un bon weekend when using vous and passe un bon weekend for tu - or quite simply Bon weekend! Some people might insist on using the term congé de fin de semaine instead of using the word weekend, but it's very unusual in France.


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