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-Good morning / afternoon / ..... -Say hello to your sister. ...... Foreign languages; Russian ; German; French; Spanish; ...... -I'd like to say good-bye to you all. ...... Çох йайылан xüsusi адлар, kiçildilmiş адлар/мцраcият (papi, mamie, papa, ...

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What others are saying ... "Can't wait for her to perform this on Idol next week, the video is good. ... Lo's new music video for "I Luh Ya PaPi" is out, and it's the most fun — and, blessed be, actually effective — media commentary via .... Take a crack at these unique German vocabulary words which have no English equivalent!

To say good morning beautiful we will say Buenos días guapa. For good afternoon we can use buenas tardes. There is no translation in spanish for good evening.

“The morning” in Spanish is la mañana, but if you want to wish someone a good morning you must say buenos días, which literally means

“Good morning” in Spanish and other useful Spanish greetings and phrases. ‘Good morning’ is a universal greeting and the most appropriate way

Good morning (used in the early hours before noon). Help us make this site better.

How do you make the most of this Spanish conversation lesson? To develop your listening skills fast, listen to the conversation without the Spanish transcript or translation in front of you. Then play the conversation and say the lines out loud, along with the native speakers.

In this Article:Saying "Good Morning" Greeting Specific People Using Other Morning Greetings Cheat Sheet

How do you say "good morning" in Spanish?

See 2 authoritative translations of Good morning in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

How do you say good morning baby in spanish? if you mean baby as a term of endearment, for say, a significant other, i don't think there is a literal equivalent in spanish. calling someone "bebé" sounds kinda weird to… me. more commonly i think people will say something like "mi amor" my love...

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