Oct 31, 2007 ... and "Shut the hell up" (or the f-word variety) in Russian, and what is their. ... For instance, French students of English often think that "Shut up" is a ... saying "Be quiet", but it's not particularly offensive (though definitely not polite ...


"If you haven't got anything nice to say, say it in French." #regram from ... Tristesse (feminine word) | Sadness | /tʁis.tɛs/ Французские Цитаты,. Подробнее..


Прошу прощения за мой французский (англ. Pardon my French / Excuse my French) ... 11th March 2015; ↑ фр. embonpoint — «упитанный»; ↑ Melissa, How the Tradition of Saying “Pardon My French” After Saying Swear Words Started, ...


I risk being expelled from this thread by the Russian linguist, but for the sake of frequency and because profanity is a powerful part of the Russian lexicon and is  ...


Apr 5, 2018 ... Surprisingly, the word 'фига' serves as a stem for a number of slang ... can mean anything: from the pleasure of going hiking to reading a book:.


Mat (Russian: мат; матерщи́на / ма́терный язы́к / мáтный язы́к, matershchina / materny yazyk / matny yazyk) is the term for vulgar, obscene, or profane language in Russian and some other Slavic language communities. The term mat derives from the Russian word for mother, a component of the .... in Germany and Switzerland the parts were played in French and German by ...


Aug 6, 2013 ... Yay, you're going to learn how to say some Russian Swear Words! ..... this list of Russian Swear Words, see my list of French Swear Words, ...


Come on, now tell me all the swear words you know. ... Unlike in France, however, the word "socialist" is an epithet for most Americans. ... Well, numerous studies have shown that profanity can be quite beneficial when used in moderation.


French · French Swear Words - Learn French I have a friend who tells her class she will ... What we say in French. what you can say in English ; The majority of ...


Oct 21, 2013 ... Like these Russian Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1I1O5FH Watch more How to Learn Russian videos: ...


Every language has its own share of bad words and French is no different.


french swear words, curse words and insults are often misunderstood and difficult to compare. Here is a table of the most important French swear words.


It depends on how bad you want them to be!!!!lol We say "MERDE" (like weird with a M) a lot (****). Sometime we even use it to say "Good luck"!!!! That's true! We also say "CONNARD" (don't pronounce the D) to someone we don't like a lot (AS****OLE) We use "Fils de pute" very carfully because it's a...


How do you say 'bad luck' in French? Here's a list translations and example phrases.


English to French Comprehension: Can you answer these questions about insulting French words or phrases? Give it a try and then scroll back up to see how you did!


How do you say my French is bad in French? To say that your French is bad in French, you simply just say, Je parle mal français.


Now you try. And that's how to say bad words in French.


6 How to say ass in French. 7 A few other useful French curse words you should know. 8 Foutre: the obscene helping verb.


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