Через день is a set phrase which means "every other day". You can also say через два дня ("every third day"), через три дня ("every fourth day") etc., however, to avoid ambiguity, phrases like those are usually worded as через два дня на третий or день через два, or just раз в три дня. Через день can ...


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The names of the months of the year in many different languages.

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Every other. We use every other to mean 'alternate': We worked every other Sunday. (One Sunday he worked, the next Sunday he didn't work, the next Sunday he worked, etc.) He works in Germany every other week. (One week he works in Germany, the next week he doesn't, the next week he does, etc.) ...


In the last lesson we've covered how to say: 'on Monday' and 'from Monday to Friday'. Today we'll study some other examples that would allow you to use the days on the week correctly in any situation. Every Monday, Tuesday etc…. ка́ждый понеде́льник ка́ждый вто́рник ка́ждую сре́ду ка́ждый четве́рг ка́ждую пя́тницу


Alternate(ly)The adjective alternate and the adverb alternately mean 'first one thing, then another thing and then the first thing again'. When we refer to time, we can also use the phrase every other day, every other week, etc. … Alternative(ly) Alternative(ly) means 'something that is different and unusual and offers a possible ...


Every other week, eight people pay to have the bejesus scared out of them and solve a once-in-a-lifetime, whodunit murder mystery. Каждую неделю восемь человек платили чтобы чтобы их напугали до ... And you say, "Bejesus, sure, you're me best friend, Jack." А ты: "Разумеется, Валет, мы с тобой лучшие друзья".


Translations in context of "понедельник" in Russian-English from Reverso Context: в понедельник, в понедельник утром, в прошлый понедельник, в следующий понедельник, каждый понедельник.


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22 ноя 2016 ... Speaking about something repetitive: "Я езжу в Москву через неделю (каждую вторую неделю)" means "I visit Moscow every other week". It is incorrect in Russian to say: "Я езжу в Москву через неделю". It should be: "I visit Moscow every other week". Is equivalent to "Я посещаю Москву каждую ...


How do you say every week in spanish? Cada semana.


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Can you guess how Korean people would say “once every other week”? Teacher 경화(Kyung-hwa) is going to explain it in detail in this video.


A couple of the Colombian guys who I train with asked Sam Joe how often does he train. In Sam’s attempt to say “every other day” in Spanish he incorrectly said


@naruto You made your response so awesome that you forgot to answer the question. How would you say "once every x days/weeks/etc" ? – oldergod Aug 1 '16 at 2:07.


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