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Следующее. How to install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2?


Artemis ROM highlights. HTC Sense was great back in Windows Mobile age.


Then flash newer HTC HD2 Radio ROM with CustomRUU. No harm to try out custom Windows Mobile ROM since I have done every prerequisite.


Two new Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ROMs for HTC HD2 has been released which features the new HTC Sense version 2.5.19222911.0. This version of HTC Sense supports the new Documents Tab and Landscape mode for Sense interface. It is based on ROM version 2.01 for T-Mobile US HTC HD2...


, HTC HD2 (How to flash a Custom WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5 ROM).


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Download the latest ROM for your carrier and device below. Please note: ROM Downloads are not available for Verizon Wireless Devices. However select Verizon Wireless devices can be updated using the HTC Sync Manager software.


brother i have in htc hd2 in windows 7.8 and its play store is not working can i use this on live service in


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