28 ноя 2017 ... You'll almost certainly need to change the form handling code if you change your user model (an advanced topic!) but even so, you would still be able to use the ... This will fail again, but with an error that tells you that we're missing the required template (registration/login.html) on the template search path.


30 июн 2015 ... Введение. Laravel предоставляет несколько разных подходов к проверке входящих в ваше приложение данных. По умолчанию базовый класс контроллера использует типаж ValidatesRequests , который предоставляет удобный метод проверки входящего HTTP-запроса с помощью ...


Instagram Error Login Required.


I try to login using login() method, but I get "login_required" error message.


Instagram said that my status fail message login required.how can i slove it since i now log in the instagram i can see nothing and it will jump out from the app ..


{“status”:”fail”,”message”:”Your version of Instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your app to log in to Instagram.”}. Do you have an idea?


iPhone5 – iOS7.0.2 Instagram not working , I got this error: {“status” :”fail,”,”message”:”login_required”}. The solution was to reset all settings on the iPhone .


{"status":"fail","message":"login_required"}. Антон Кучумов 3 года назад • обновлен Руководитель поддержки Антон 3 года назад • 10.


You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again.


More changes/issues from Instagram (February 6, 2018). Instagram made some additional changes to it’s infrastructure Feb 1-5. Those changes were causing some new errors and problems. “{“message”: “login_required”, “logout_reason”: 2, “status”: “fail”}”. “Logged out.


My whole instagram won't load; the profile, following feed, picture feed, the explore page! I go to my following/activity feed page and whenever I refresh it the words {"status":"fail":,"message":"login_required"} appear, so I log off, and log in. Same thing!


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