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If you already own an iPad mini, is it worth upgrading to the new model with Retina Display?


Best Buy has the 1st gen iPad Mini on sale now for $200. Is it worth the extra $~60 to get him that older version? The MeMO has better PPI (216 vs 163) but the screen is 33% bigger on the iPad Mini.


iPad Mini 1st Generation In 2017: Worth It?


, Unboxing: Refurbished iPad Mini (1st Gen).


So is it worth it for that? It's on ios 6 don't want Currently holding on to an old iPad 2 now and looking to get a smaller tablet for an "upgrade". 1. What are all the differences between the iPad 2, iPad 4th Gen, and the original iPad mini (1st Gen)?


How does 1st Gen iPad mini perform in 2016? Thought ( 3 Years Later).


Should I update my iOS 6.2 iPad Mini 1st gen?


Hi everyone! Today I'm bringing you my first ever review of an Apple product haha :) Hoped you enjoyed it, feel free to share your opinions and of course...


I have a 1st generation iPad Mini, and I'm having what I think are memory problems (RAM, not storage).