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Apple TV 4K.


There's no better way to express the changing times than with the Apple iPad Air 2. Whether you're filming the next best skateboard move, rocking at a concert or teaching in a classroom, it's the perfect tool for getting things done your way and your way alone.


I purchased a used Apple TV 3 running Apple TV Software 5.0, it works flawlessly, no drop outs, wakes on lan, no duplicate bonjour name issue, all problems are gone using the same network i always have. Airplay works perfect from my iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and my Mac Mini all on their respective latest...


iPad Air 2. Apple TV 2G (AppleTV2,1) version 6.2 (Build 11D257c), Download.


I have not been able to find any documentation on this issue & I can’t believe I’m the only one having this problem. Thanks, Jim... iPad Air Wi-Fi, iOS 11.0.3, iPad Air 2.


Apple TV.


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Apple's got a new iPad, and it's a sequel to last year's ultra-svelte iPad Air: It's called the Apple iPad Air 2. CEO Tim Cook announced as much this morning...


Several iPad Air owners have reported a variety of iPad Air 2 WiFi problems.


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