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Shield your iPad Air 2 from dings and accidental bumps with the Logitech Type+ case. It comes with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard with familiar iOS shortcuts so you stay productive


Those differences may not seem like a big deal when you're looking at photos on Amazon or checking them out at Best Buy, but they add up.


We’re certain that regardless of how you may use your iPad Air while traveling, one of these keyboard cases is going to be the ideal yor your specific requirements! Top 5 Best iPad Air Case With Keyboard that you can buy.


Here we are with some of the pro-looking keyboard cases with improved quality.


Tablets Feature. The best iPad Air 2 cases.


GCell Solar Powered Keyboard Folio. Want a folio case combined with a detachable keyboard for your spanking new iPad Air 2, but can't be doing with having to charge it up?


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The case is made with aluminium, and covers both the front and back of the iPad Air 2. There's a built-in stand, and it's available to buy in white/silver or black.


It combines a good, backlit keyboard with a standout design that lets you easily separate the keyboard from the case.


Apple's iPad Air 2 is an invaluable productivity tool when paired with a keyboard case that's right for you. These are currently the best you can buy!