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2. Unlock iPhone 6, 6S plus using a Gevey SIM? Firstly, I admit that this method is working! But it's not really cool as you think, you will meet some trouble when using it.


If so, buying unlocked used iPhone 6S Plus may be the way to make your dream come true. The iPhone 6S Plus is the largest smartphone / phablet Apple has ever made.


Network unlock for an iPhone 6 plus doesn't use a code or unlocking sequence. The device is remotely unlocked on Apple servers. There are two types of instructions for iPhone 6 plus.


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T-Mobile’s unlocked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will work with the following carriers in the United States with full support for 4G LTE


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As the unlock is performed using iTunes and is officially processed by Apple, we will email you to let you know when you can start the unlocking process. Please select the Network your iPhone 6 Plus is locked to