Поиск Google ничего не нашел

I recently updated to iTunes 10.5.2 and the iTunes store will not load. It only shows a white screen with "iTunes" on it.


The iTunes Store transported much data. So if you work via tethering or EDGE, a white screen could symbolize not errors, but long loading times. Wait at least 30 seconds. During this period, something should have changed on the screen.


I quickly learned that I am not alone. Several readers report this exact same error of iTunes and App Store not working.


If your iTunes store not working on your iPhone/iPad or on PC, try the solutions in this post to get this solved.


Same issue with BRAND NEW iPad Pro 9.7″right out of the box yesterday.- set it up, but got white screen for apps. store. unable to fix thru itunes, then saw iOS update


It's when I click on the iTunes store. It starts to load and all, but never gets to the home screen. It just stays white.


I get nothing but a blank white screen when visiting iTunes-Store. It was working a couple of days ago. Does it have something to do with upgrading Flash-Player (I hope not)? Is anyone else having this problem?


My App store is coming up as a white screen in my Itunes, all of the other stores work fine this is the only issue. does anybody know if the App store is down? Thanks.


Hello Rob, did you mean when you click on the itunes store, you are getting a blank white screen?