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С этим товаром покупают: Треугольный сликер Show Tech. 500 рублей. Мяч сетчатый JW Hol-ee Roller. 300 рублей. Крем-сатин Vellus. 450 рублей.


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It wasn't until recently that we discovered the amazingness that comes from providing a dog mental stimulation throughout the day. No longer do we feed Athena out of a food bowl, but instead we split up her meals into treat dispensing toys and training sessions.


Protein Skimmers. Browse More. GloFish Shop.


Protein Skimmers. Pump Repair Kits & Accessories.


JW Pet Hol-ee Roller is a durable, chewy, bouncing toy that lasts and lasts! Even puppies will choose the Hol-ee Roller over other dog toys as their favorite. For more aggressive chewers you may want to consider the Hol-ee Mol-ee Extreme.


You can even fill the JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy with tempting treats and turn the toy into a tasty puzzle of alone-time deliciousness. The patented honeycomb toy is made of natural, durable rubber and tough enough to provide countless hours of chew time.


Hol-EE Roller is a fun, versatile toy with the durability you've been searching for. Rubber gives it strength, bounce and a soft texture while the unique open design allows you to stash some treats inside.


Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy. JW Pet. Your Price: $4.95.


JW Hol-EE Roller is a fun, versatile dog toy with the durability you've been searching for. Rubber gives it strength, bounce and a soft texture The unique open design allows you to stash small treats or kibble inside for hours of entertainment for your dog.


‹ › The Hol-ee Roller X, also known as the Hol-ee Mol-ee Extreme, is a tougher, thicker, stronger, more durable version of JW Pet's popular Hol-ee Roller, for bigger, stronger, more intense dogs!


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