17 фев 2017 ... Если у вас модель с базовой частотой CPU 2.0GHz - разница в 50% вполне логична. .... (http://www.apple.com/ru/shop/product/MD837ZM/A/дорожный- комплект-адаптеров-apple?fnode=8b&fs=f%3Dadapter-apple-cable-charger% 26fh%3D4595%252B3214%252B45d4%252B45b0%252B45c4) или ...


I have a 8.2 (2011) macbook pro 15 in which kernel task takes up 280% of the processing power when for example it’s charging, many


Clogged fan area - In this case fan spins up intermittently and kernal_task spins up grabbing a lot of CPU (500-1000%) during operations that generate a lot of heat, then when whatever activity


I seem to have solved the kernel_task PCU drain using 19 Nov 2017 We explain how to solve when kernel_task is using too much cpu like 100% or it has high cpu time.


Hey, When I put my adapter in my macbook to charge i have a high cpu usage(500-650%). When I switch back to the battery then after 10sec - 30sec my kernel_task go back to normal 2%cpu usage.


Just watch when the battery is charging, when disconnected from power, and when using the internal display only.


Reply I have this question too. Q: Kernel Task High CPU Usage.


Reply I have this question too (32). Q: Kernel_task high CPU usage.


Noticing an errant process called kernel_task eating much of your Mac's available CPU?


I'm having the same issue as you are ... high CPU on kernel_task and a 2013 model MacBookPro11,1 with no file containing that name under the kext folder.


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