ProItems, Kush Audio, UBK-1, UBK Fatso, UBK Clariphonic. ... I went to a Gearslutz party in Brooklyn and met Gil Griffith, the head of Wave Distribution ...

13 ноя 2018 ... Best Compressor Plugins - 2016 - Gearslutz Pro Audio Community ... Kush Audio UBK-1 полюбился многим за свою музыкальность и красящий ... версия кривых компрессии прибора Empirical Labs Fatso.

Kush Audio UBK-1. Тема в разделе "Обсуждаем муз. софт", создана пользователем SoNick, 12 фев 2012.

The UBK Fatso: I had this one on demo and it sounds great. But I did not quite like the button switching. And is there a way to revert to the previous setting ?

Kush Audio UBK Fatso. 4.15 out of 5, based on 3 Reviews. Such a fun compressor!

I'm only posting this because the UBK mod is fairly new. Which compressor should I get? (if I don't decide to get them both) heh I'm thinking for track.

KuSh Audio... Hmm... Serial Numbers beginning with 420... Hmmmm... Their slogan is 'The High End Just Got Higher' Hmmmmmm...

Kush Audio Fatso UBK. Last month they had a sale at my favourite home-grown music shop Long & McQuade (thank god for financing!) and I decided to pick one of these babies up. I had been eyeing it for months now based on some good things I read about it and the online demos and youtube videos.

I am seeing the UBK fatso branded by both Kush and Wave Distribution.

UBK runs a lot of sounds thru the UBK Fatso, and yammers on at length about the many desirable qualities that he feels ought to motivate any self-respecting engineer to buy one... or get their classic Fatso modded!

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