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1. A non-state pension accumulation fund can be liquidated: 1). by decision of a general meeting of shareholders of a non-state pension accumulation. fund should the liquidation being permitted by an Authorised body; 2)...


STATE POLICE. Unfunded Funded Unfunded Funded Unfunded Funde. Liability. Ratio.


Information on pension assets (PAs) of the accumulative pension funds as at January 1, 2011 (.pdf, 21/01/2011). System of protection of rights and interests of depositors/recipients of liquidated accumulative pension funds (.doc, 23/09/2008).


...on December 31, 2014 has decided to voluntarily liquidate a subsidiary of the Bank Accumulative pension fund of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, located at


The delivery-acceptance certificate of pension assets and obligations of service recipient under contracts on provision of pensions at the expense of voluntary pension contributions signed by the first principals of service recipient, uniform accumulative pension fund...


Pension Payments from Accumulative Pension Funds. 1. Individuals having pension accumulations on personified pension.


1. Accumulative pension funds shall establish pension rulesincluding: 1) procedure for changing or discontinuation of the pension contract


A pension fund manager can be liquidated only after obtaining a preliminary consent from the Central Bank of Armenia.


(4) The pension fund shall submit documents for registration of a pension scheme concurrently with an application for the receipt of a licence.