Lofty ideas, etc. are of a high moral standard: 3. If you have a lofty way of behaving or talking, etc., you act as if you think you are ... lofty adjective ( POSITION). ​ .... ability of the soprano was not the only defining characteristic of her lofty status.

высокомерный (arrogant, haughty, contemptuous, lofty, supercilious, snooty). презрительный ... 13 snooty. adjective collocation. презрительный ...

29 ноя 2018 ... lofty перевести: tyčící se, povýšený. ... Перевод "lofty" - англо-чешский словарь. lofty. adjective (comparative loftier, superlative loftiest).

возвышенный (exalted, sublime, elevated, lofty, high, skyey). лазурный (azure, cerulean ... skyey — adjective Date: 1603 of or resembling the sky ; ethereal …

возвышенный adjective [fig.]— ... на публику. — The speaker's lofty speeches impressed the audience. ... This lofty notion, like many others, has been [...].

... (indefinite, non-evidential quality, hence the lofty supramundane overtones); ... This answer is not about declension of adjectives, but about ...

lofty перевод: élevé, hautain. Узнать больше. ... Перевод «lofty» в англо- французском словаре. lofty. adjective. ​. ○ very high. élevé. a lofty building. ​.

Определение - Синонимы. Определение слова tall. a garment size for a tall person; great in vertical dimension; high in stature; lofty in style. Синонимы слова ...

lofty перевод: alto, elevado, arrogante. Узнать больше. ... Перевод «lofty» в англо-португальском словаре. lofty. adjective uk ​ /ˈlɒf.ti/ us ​ /ˈlɑːf.ti/. ​.

возвышенный adjective [fig.]— ... The speaker's lofty speeches impressed the audience. © Linguee ... Beyond the lofty goal of furthering development, [...].

Definition of lofty adjective from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Lofty definition: A lofty ideal or ambition is noble, important , and admirable . |

Lofty definition is - elevated in character and spirit : noble. How to use lofty in a sentence.

lofty definition: The definition of lofty is very high in the air, elevated in character, or overly grand

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adj , loftier or loftiest. 1. of majestic or imposing height. 2. exalted or noble in character or nature.

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Definitions and examples. adjective. Of imposing height. 'Finally, Ms Earle says human rights

Loftily definition, extending high in the air; of imposing height; towering: lofty mountains. See more.

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