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"Living in a KC Loft Space unit has been such a wonderful experience for my husband and me! The management and staff are some of the friendliest people I have ever met.


Lofty Spaces is a collection of unique individual spaces that are designed to work together to create a truly awesome event space.


The desk can be set up on the inside underneath the loft-we did that to save space. The loft is much heavier than I expected but good quality and very sturdy.


A loft bed allows the maximization of usable space by freeing up floorspace and offering a sleeping area with all the necessary elements.


Tam Pokeyface Chan is at Lofty Spaces. · 10 hrs · Dallas, TX, United States ·. The Marvelous Mixed Media Masquerade Mask Maker!


Lofty Spaces was the very first venue I looked at when I was scouting for my wedding. They were so accommodating and included a lot with the rental!


Most lofts don’t have doors and they don’t always have four walls. However, loft space does offer valuable square footage that when utilized can make a big difference for you.


Lofty Ambitions: Former Industrial Spaces Are Some of the City’s Hottest Real Estate.


Lofty Spaces Weddings - Price out and compare wedding costs for wedding ceremony and reception venues in Dallas, TX.


Log homes and A-frame homes are renowned for loft spaces because of the tall ceilings.