21 янв 2013 ... Тогда, я еще не знал про ресурсы LoLKing, SoloMid и т.д. ... na — North America, euw — Europe West, eune — Europe Nordic / East, br — Brazil. .... дота 2 команду Na'Vi с победой на 4 сезоне Star Ladder Star Series.


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Lolking only provides you a score every player at this division with the same points has. (2 guys both Gold3 20LP can have a huge difference in their mmr. OP.gg is a good site to check your mmr. its a lot...


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MagiFaker EUW (#1). Challenger LP: 1268 Wins: 378.


Archived Ladders - Season 5 - EUW - RANKED SOLO 5x5. Rank. Summoner Name.


LoL Tier List Patch 8.24 | Made By Master/Challenger Players | The best Champions For Solo Queue. Patch 8.24 Tier List League of Legends Meta Guide.


4.1 508 lolking euw ladder. TwTv AlexIch 6500917 - na - Summoners - League of Legends.


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