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I have observed one limitation to LPAD/RPAD (Might be developed in that way only not sure). Presently LPAD/RPAD doesnot accept second orgument as dynamic value,when we use a dynamic value it throws error stating "Operand must be Constant". Let me explain with one example


The LPAD() function left-pads a string with another string, to a certain length. Note: Also look at the RPAD() function.




RPAD function , The Right-Side of a String with a Specific Set of characters When String is Not Null).


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LPAD and RPAD alone won't work. Please help me to get of this issue.


The LPAD function returns an expression, left-padded to a specified length with the specified characters; or, when the expression to be padded is longer than the length specified after padding, only that portion of the expression that fits into the specified length.


"Hi All, I want to know the equvalent functions of RPAD and LPAD in teradata. I want to export the data into a file having the same data lenght as defined in table creation step.


LPAD & RPAD Scalar Functions. This page has not been liked. |


Syntax of LPAD and RPAD function within BODS: Let us take an example and see how the LPAD and RPAD functions work. Steps to be followed


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