Ohaguro is a custom of dyeing one's teeth black. It was most popular in Japan until the Meiji era. Tooth painting is also known and practiced in the southeastern parts of China, Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. Dyeing is mainly done by married women, though occasionally men do it as well. It was also beneficial, as it ...


Miswak Stick – All About Miswak Chewing Sticks - A Miswak Stick ...


Miswak stick is known for its remedial advantages. Siwak Al-Badar International presents the highest quality fresh, 100 % pure and organic Miswak sticks from Pakistan.


Keep your miswak stick fresh by using a knife (or your bare hands) to cut or break off the old bristles when they become worn.


Actually the miswak stick requires NO toothpaste whatsoever. The beneficial effects of Miswak in respect of oral hygiene and dental health are


Abstract Miswak (chewing stick) was used by the Babylonians some 7000 years ago; it was later used. throughout the Greek and Roman empires, and has also been used by ancient Egyptians and Muslims.


What exactly is Miswak Stick? Benefits of Using a Miswak Stick over a Regular Toothbrush. Do Miswak Whiten Teeth? How to Use a Miswak Stick?


Lastly, Miswak sticks can turn mouldy over time if it is not used within one month or so.


Sunnah of All The Prophet’s (upon them all be peace) The Miswak is a stick by which a person cleans the mouth. This is a great Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah...


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