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i ride flat pedals, love it. i only have clipless on my road bike, but all my mountain bikes have toe clips and my Turner has flat pedals. i LOVE and prefer flat pedals. today i took some out of town folks on a ride, they were shocked i ride flat pedals.


We already put clipless mountain bike pedals and shoes to the test recently and thought it was time to put some of the most popular mountain bike flat shoes through the OutdoorGearLab wringer.


If you ever find yourself around a crowd of mountain bikers, you may encounter several topics that are quite often discussed. Without a doubt, one of the most popular topics of discussion is the mountain bike flat pedals vs. clipless argument.


Clipless flat mountain pedals bike vs built using. ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine is published in a digital app format no fewer than 6 x a pedals in both Versus. Wondering which clipless mountain bike shoes are right for you?


As you continue on riding, you will eventually be able to experience both pedals so you will be able to firmly decide on which to use or you might switch back and forth between the Mountain Bike Flat Pedals vs Clipless.


And as far as choosing a mountain bike pedal is concerned, the most important decision you need to make is whether you want flat or clipless. Flat pedals are essentially just a platform for each foot.


I first noticed the difference that having the right kit for the job can make when I moved from using an old pair of skate style trainers to proper flat mountain bike shoes in the form of the Shimano AM41s.


Swapping to flat pedals from clipless pedals will make you a better mountain biker. Here are a few suggested pedals to get you started.


Hey, my two cents on clipless pedals vs.flats: I bought my first MTB in 1988 and cilpless pedals didn’t exist for MTB’s.


Some standard clipless pedals for mountain biking.