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Why do dogs pant after giving birth? There are several possibilities, but it's always best to consult

Prevention of Panting After Giving Birth. After birth, mother dog should be monitored constantly for the first week.

My dog was bitten by an ant and now is breathing heavy.

Is your dog breathing fast? Is rapid breathing in dogs something to worry about? Heavy panting while sleeping? All the answers to stop you worrying here.

Why is your dog still breathing heavy after giving birth last night to...

Dog still panting heavy after 2 wks of birth to 12 puppies? Answer . my poodle does the same thing for about a week or 2 after birth. it could be becasue

Recent Wiki Activity. Emotion support dog.

Normally after giving birth , dogs try to eat their own placenta. If your dog has eaten hers then she may not be hungry for some time.

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