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Fix Your iPhone’s iCloud backup message that won’t go away. Please note that this is a status message advising you that your device has not completed a backup in a specified number of weeks.


View answer in context. Q: "iCloud Backup" message won't go away & locks the screen.


iCloud: Understanding Backup Alert Messages iCloud: iCloud Storage & Backup Overview. Completely FREE – No Credit or Payment Needed – No Expiration Date!


Manual iCloud backups on PB1 did not seem to work if there was already a backup for I got the funny "This Backup Cannot be deleted at this time" message). I myself still have giant backups that won't go away but some people.


Without details, we don't know if the message will go away when the phone starts again. – bmike♦ Dec 1 '13 at 23:37. add a comment |.


How do I get rid of an iCloud backup message if pressing OK won't make it go away (and therefore doesn't allow me to do anything else, even power down my iPad)? iPad 2, iOS 6.1.2.