Перевод контекст "drinking water" c английский на русский от Reverso Context : ... In general, rural areas have less access to safe drinking water than urban areas. ... Solutions to polluted lakeshore drinking water in rural African communities. ... With that in mind, supplying drinking water and cleaning up slums should be ...


But they have another home near the sea or in the ..... By burning forests, draining wet lands, polluting water courses and ..... the Asia Pacific region. So now ...


English: Slums built on swamp land near a garbage dump in East Cipinang, Jakarta Indonesia. Дата, 2004. Источник, собственная работа. Автор, Jonathan ...

Изображения по запросу polluted water near slum area

Dzerzhinsk (Russian: Дзержинск, IPA: [dʲzʲɪrˈʐɨnsk]) is a city in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia, located along the Oka River, about 400 kilometers ( 250 mi) east of Moscow. ... Parts of Dzerzhinsk's water are contaminated with dioxins and phenol at levels that are reportedly seventeen million times the safe limit.



... at night and particularly in the slums and working-class districts of Port-au- Prince. ... Discharges (used to refer to the introduction of pollutants into water).


15 ноя 2010 ... Аэропорт находится на искусственном острове рядом со Фритауном, столицей Сьерра-Леоне. Чтобы добраться до города, нужно ...


А с другой стороны — совершеннейшее язычество и культ смерти. Почти как в Мали. У каждого дома есть череп. Ну просто в каждой семье должен ...


slum: Определение slum: 1. a very poor and crowded area, especially of a city: 2 . ... There was gross overcrowding in slums, no refuse removal, polluted water ...


К вашим услугам обширная коллекция стоковых изображений, векторных изображений и фотографий для poverty, которые можно купить на ...


In India, all the sources of water like rivers, lakes, ponds and wells have been polluted and are unfit for drinking.


The polluted water had caused various diseases. There was no home without a sick person. Small children suffered from stomach troubles. The government should immediately rush to the help of the sufferers in the slum area.


...victim of pollution, especially the rivers which stands in the neighborhood of the Dhaka city is being polluted


As the concentration of a pollutant increases in the environment the intensity of pollution also increases.


A girl plays with her brother as they search for usable items at junkyard near the Danyingone station


1.) What are your views on water pollution in slums or rural areas here in India. How does it affect the people living in those areas? 2.) Do you think it is possible for us as a community to help these people by making their water sources less polluted?


It is polluted by the sewage which rots near the bridge on which the slum stands tall.


Riverside slum with downgrade houses near polluted river at Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam on day, poor house in danger situation, reflect dirty water.


It is estimated over 25% of Indonesians live in slum areas, with more than 5 million people living in


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