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p is a factor of the constant term a0, and q is a factor of the leading coecient an.


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Here are the main properties of the Real Numbers. Real Numbers are Commutative, Associative and Distributive


A non-terminating decimal represents a real number in the same way, except. that we need the


In mathematics, the notion of a real form relates objects defined over the field of real and complex numbers. A real Lie algebra g0 is called a real form of a complex Lie algebra g if g is the complexification of g0: The notion of a real form can also be defined for complex Lie groups.


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The following table lists the defining properties of the real numbers (technically called the field axioms).


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My first question is, "Is 0 a real number?"


Also, theorems are easier to state with that definition. For example, every complex number can be uniquely written as the sum of a real number and a purely imaginary number.