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If an AVI file's index is corrupted, it will cause the video to freeze, stutter or otherwise cease to function. While many AVI players will automatically repair the


A broken or corrupt .AVI file usually refuses to play on any media player and if it plays does not allow seeking because of a missing/corrupted index header.


Recently I had an avi file with a broken index that needed to be repaired.


Mplayer -idx file.avi не помогает. Файл продолжает проигрываться только ло 4%. mpeg4. divx массив сам цел. испорчен похоже только заголовок. В доках узнал именно только про "idx" ключ.. Чем можно еще попробовать?


I try to open an AVI file. The first software I tried is VLC media player. It reports some error about AVI index: This AVI file is broken. Seeking will not work correctly. Do you want to try to fix it?


Изображения по запросу repair avi file index linux.


Remo Repair AVI software is an advanced repair tool to repair corrupt / damaged AVI, DivX, XVid files. Repairs corrupt avi, xvid and divx file formats that


Learn how to fix your favorite videos (which are in avi format) in both Ubuntu and Fedora Linux using an utility called DivFiX++.


The repaired AVI file will be saved to a new file at the same location of where the corrupted AVI.


I have an avi file that's 144.6 Mb. It plays fine on Gnome Mplayer, including the ability to move the scroll bar to get to anywhere I like in the file.


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