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The legal entity record for RESMI FINANCE & INVESTMENT HOUSE based in the country: KZ is assigned the legal entity identifier (LEI code) 213800TSYAYJKBC1WI08 and was last updated: 2018-01-10.


JSC "Kazakhstan Stock Exchange" (KASE) based on a notice from JSC "RESMI Finance & Investment House" (Almaty), which is the joint lead manager and organizer of the Eurobond issue by Kaspi Bank...


RESMI Group JSC. Resmi Direct Investments LLP. Mr. K.K. Mazhibayev Future Capital Partners Closed Mutual Hedge Fund (Managing Company – RESMI Finance & Investment House ) Total


account at RESMI Finance &. Investment House or confirm in. written availability of. operational facilities.


According to the request of the Integrated Securities Registrar JSC the list for participation in meeting of shareholders of Resmi Finance and Investment House JSC (NIN KZ1С51950018) has been formed and sent by the Central Securities Depository on October 03, 2016, as of the record date 26.09.2016...


RESMI Finance and Investment House was set up in 1997 with a view to offering a wide range of financial services. With time, RG Securities became a fully-fledged investment house. On 13 September 2006...


Key Executives for RESMI Finance & Investment House JSC. Mr. Alexandr Anatolyevich Manaenko. Chairman of the Executive Board, CEO and Head of the Dept of Investment Management.


RESMI Finance & Investment House (Almaty, hereinafter - the company), shares of which are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), informed KASE that on March 9, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. starts its shareholders special general meeting with the following agenda, reported the...