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Yestreen, when to the trembling string The dance gaed thro' the lighted ha', To thee my fancy took its wing, I sat, but neither heard nor saw: Tho' this was fair, and that .... Ae day, as Death, that gruesome carl, Was driving to the tither warl' A mixtie-maxtie motley squad, And mony a guilt-bespotted lad- Black gowns of each ...


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Right Wing Death Squads. Jul 27, 2017 07/17. by Latimer - the Bunny Rabbit Supremacist.


Death Squad. Putting to dead those who oppose you Will take control, no matter the cost Bodies are mounting the carnage around you At the last count, 10.000 have died. Taken by force Controlled by fear Death squad police of the right Must stamp out subversion Dissention, unrest Those who...


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Right-Wing Death Squads. by Brett Stevens on July 17, 2017. The old guy at the edge of town explained it to me this way, as he was whittling on a piece of pine.


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Death Squad Lyrics. Putting to dead those who oppose you Will take control, no matter the cost Bodies are mounting the carnage around you At the last count


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