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It happened because of the right-wing UK press.


MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to McCarthy, the five right-wing billionaires are Rupert Murdoch, Jonathon Harmsworth, Richard Desmond and the Barclays Twins: David and Frederick Barclay.


MigrationWatch UK is an immigration and asylum research organisation and think-tank, which describes itself as independent and non-political, but which has been characterised by some commentators and academics as a right-wing pressure group.


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A militant right-wing marijuana activist, Peter Reynolds, leader of British cannabis law reform pressure group, CLEAR, has been forced to hand over £36,323.86 ($47,500 USD) in legal fees to NORML UK activist Chris Bovey.


… This is a list of pressure groups in the United Kingdom.


The chief executive of the Freedom Association, a rightwing pressure group, claimed the advert was “sick” and that the retailer would “never dare” insult other religions. The UK Evangelical Alliance strongly criticised the baker...


UK Court Ruling on Brexit Emboldens Right-wing of the Tory Party. TheRealNews. Anti-EU, far right parties gain ground in Britain.


You can see the reports – a nationally-focused report written by CMD and eleven state-focused reports written by Progress Now member groups and CMD – here: www.stinktanks.org. Key findings of the report include: While it has become an $83 million dollar right-wing empire...