Однако в Android, благодаря огромному количеству настроек и специальному софту, можно попытаться решить эту проблему. Ниже вы найдёте ... Для Android версий 5.0+ (частичная поддержка) все необходимые файлы и инструкции можно найти в этом топике. Подробное ... Amplify Battery Extender -Root.


Continuing to play “Catch-up” and join the major players of Android and Apple in the mobile phone arena, Microsoft has released the Lumia 640 as it first offering to .... With a great-looking screen, snappy performance, decent battery life and loads of extra features, it's clearly punching above its weight for an entry-level ...


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Требуется Android: 6.0+. Русский интерфейс: Нет Разработчик: Francisco Franco .... [root] Naptime v1.0.4. WHAT'S NEW 1.0.4 1 - Automagically enable Aggressive doze ONLY during screen-off (if you enabled the option that is) and return to normal state on screen-on. Прикрепленный файл ...


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Detailed specs for the Samsung Nexus. ... Cons. Shorter battery life than other Galaxy NexusesMediocre camera performanceEarly adopters will have to wait for LTE service. Read Full Review .... Display. Screen size. 4.65 inches. Screen resolution. 1280 x 720. Pixel density. 316 PPI. Screen type. OLED (Active) (Color)  ...


Дрон Phantom 2 Vision+ легко настроить, с ним просто летать, это отличная полетная платформа, доступная каждому.


Как отключить уведомления от определенных приложений на Samsung Galaxy. О каких уведомлениях идет речь. Большинство приложений умеет показывать уведомления в верхней части экрана. Уведомление. Если не хотите видеть уведомления и слышать от них звуки, их можно отключить. В примере с ...


The eternal quest for longer battery life in smartphones continues on, as evermore efficient chips and bigger batteries are in a battle with new software, apps


Adjusting the brightness on your Samsung Galaxy S3 can be a real pain sometimes. Each app you open may need a different amount of light to better optimize its use of the screen, and then you have to worry about it potentially eating up your battery life if it's too bright.


Well, one of the biggest downsides to the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the fact that the battery life simply sucks.


Go to Home > Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Wi-Fi settings and uncheck the “Wi-Fi” option to disable it. Do the same with the GPS, as your Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 will constantly try to lock up your location if enabled, reducing your battery life.


Buy a bigger battery. If you don’t know witch end is up on your cell phone and cant find the settings tab in the menu this may be the easiest way for you to prolong the battery life. How much juice can be stored in battery is measured in Milliamps ( mAh ) The Samsung Galaxy s3 is sold with a stock...


To adjust your Display Color Profile on Samsung Galaxy S3 you have to go in Settings and then choose Display.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review. The world’s first tablet running HDR video you can’t watch – yet.


How to increase Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life? Turn on all Power saving settings Samsung Galaxy S3 has several power saving settings like CPU power saving, screen power saving, background colour and turn off haptic feedback.


But you can still improve the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S3, read the tips and tricks below to improve the battery life of your S3.


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