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When we are making plans on Friday nights, we always talk about what time Shabbos dinner is and how we will meet after it is over. We are all proud to be Jewish and proud of our Jewish traditions. All of our non-Jewish friends know and respect Shabbos dinner. Что значит для меня быть евреем Давид Малино  ...


My grandma couldn't say a word between her tears. She looked so small and old to me. My mother spoke Jewish [Yiddish] to me, but I couldn't remember a word. We sat down to dinner. I hadn't had meat for so long, and I almost fainted inhaling the smell of the real Jewish stew. However, I was a little shy to eat too much.


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Shamash - Kosher Restaurant Database (KRDB) allows you to search for Kosher restaurants around the world. It'd be great to use the next time you're on vacation and hungry, no? This application even allows you to add your own favorite eating establishment to the database for other users to...


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