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This paper reviews financial restructuring in Kazakhstan, and the condition of the financial system in the


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Thereby the world financial crisis has influenced on the economy of Kazakhstan. Particularly it has a fatal effect on banking system.


specific structure of a new bank account number, assigned by banks to their customers; 2007-2008 - development, negotiation, approval and


Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of financial system in Kazakhstan.


Thus, the impact of global financial crisis on Kazakhstan’s financial system has left behind three important issues to be addressed: (i) The need for restructuring and governance reform in the banking system; (ii)...


More detail the structure of the banking system of Kazakhstan can be observed in table 1. Table 1 - Structure of the banking sector, [6].


Figure 1 - Structure of the credit system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


In essence, the Law «On Banks and Banking activity in Kazakh USSR», accepted in January, 1991 became the beginning of banking reform in the country.