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To be the top three financial institutions in ASEAN by the year 2020.


The following top executives of financial institutions approved by the National Bank of Kazahkstan: Grishko M.V. - member of the Board – Vice Chairman of the Board of «The integrated securities registrar» JSC (protocol №27/SM of 03.07.2017)


Insurance and banking services each represented around one-third of financial services’ contribution to U.S. private sector GDP in 2015, followed by securities services (17.6 percent) and rental and


Following his retirement from Shell Malaysia, the Board on 24 February 2011, appointed him as an Independent Non-Executive Director, Member of Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nominating Committee of your Company.


We help over 40,000 corporations achieve their ambitions. This includes multinational corporates and financial institutions globally, and domestic corporations in the UK and South Africa.


Every member of the board shall attend at least 75% of the board meetings of an institution in any financial year.


The Guide offers an overview of the key institutions and bodies that influence the global financial regulatory environment, their mandate and their internal structures and composition.


Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) Compensation for the CEO is approved by the Board following recommendation by the Committee.


Kenneth J. Bacon Former Executive Officer, Fannie Mae Robert T. Blakely Former EVP & CFO


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