13 ноя 2018 ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YckRQhTazVs ...... железного брата " Distressor", с расширенным функционалом. .... Kush Audio UBK-1 полюбился многим за свою музыкальность и красящий ... Основа алгоритма - модифицированная версия кривых компрессии прибора Empirical Labs Fatso.


ProItems, Kush Audio, UBK-1, UBK Fatso, UBK Clariphonic. ... the Fatso in different ways: the self-recordist thinks of it as a stripped-down distressor and the pros ...


Первая студия была спроектирована в 1990 году американским архитектором Томом Хидли, а в 2006 году была реконструирована британским ...


... Neve 2254: Waves V-Comp, Lindell Audio (Plugin Alliance) Lindell 254E, URS ... Devil-Loc; Empirical Labs Distressor/Fatso: Sly-Fi-Digital (by UBK) Delfector, ...


Ubk fatso vs distressor manual. Fuji s4530 vs s4500 manual. Microgenus 28 he mffi manual dexterity. Fisher pin pointer manual dexterity.


I have the UBK Fatso and 2 distressors and here's my take: The Fatso can be used with no compression activated, so you're only engaging the warmth and tape saturation aspects of it. This alone makes it a totally different animal from the distressor. If you get the UBK version, the compressors in...


UAD Distressor VS hardware EL8x Distressor Vs FG Stress - Продолжительность: 8:52 Josh G. Bowman - Mixing Engineer 24 224 просмотра.


Fatso is also a bit quicker to get something going on, with preset compression ratios & curves its a bit more like an La3a where you have to really work at it to get a bad sound. Can hang yourself with a Distressor pretty easily, and I dunno... they're always around but never been a favorite for any source.


Fatso Sr does not add some parameters that move Fatso in the Distressor's land. As you said : different animals ! period.


Re: UAD's Fatso vs Kush's UBK-1: I like them both for different applications. IMHO they bring different flavors to the table, and different options at that. UAD's is obviously more true to the original unit in that it was officially licensed by Dave...


How does the fatso differ from the distressor in the distortion/warth circuits.


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