20 янв 2017 ... strip Empirical Labs Distressor/Fatso: Sly-Fi-Digital (by UBK) Delfector, Sknote Disto, PSP Audioware Vintage Warmer, URS Stress (CCS Pro), ...


Лучшим инструментом для работы в этой области является Melodyne от Celemony. На нашем канале в YouTube есть достойный обзор этого плагина,  ...


MILLVILLE, NJ — With his very first product, a modification on the Empirical Labs' Fatso, Gregory Scott, aka UBK, has tapped into something that's eluded many ...


Перевел большущий обзор компрессоров от AttackMagazine. Налетай, кому интересно)) 10 лучших софтовых компрессоров. Показать полностью…


UBK Fatso. 鈴木秀行. Загрузка...


The UBK Fatso has the gorgeous tape-like Saturation and Harmonic Distortion of the original Fatso, as well as the same one-of-a-kind


The Kush Audio UBK Fatso builds on the brilliant design of Dave Derr™s Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso, giving


The UBK Fatso comes with the original unit's manual and a guide to what's new in the Kush Audio version, making it clear that the differences are not operational but behavioural.


The UBK Fatso is more effective as a straight compressor / limiter than the original.


The UBK Fatso is a beautiful, intuitive compressor which could just be the most vital piece of gear I own.


Wave Distro presents the UBK Fatso, now available exclusively through Wave Distribution.


KuSh Audio: UBK FATSO. Reviewed by Andy Hong. I bought my first Empirical Labs FATSO Jr (Tape Op #24) almost ten years ago, soon after purchasing my first digital multitrack recorder, a TASCAM...


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