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Now that The Linux Foundation is a member of the UEFI.org group, I’ve been working on the procedures for how to boot a self-signed Linux kernel on a platform so that you do not have to rely on any external signing authority. After digging through the documentation out there...


search for "text" in self post contents. self:yes (or self:no). include (or exclude) self posts.


If a self-adjoint differential operator has discrete spectrum with corresponding orthonormalized eigenfunctions , then is an integral operator with (spectral) kernel. (7).


If you know anything about Xen Project, you have probably heard terms like PV, HVM, PVHVM, and PVH. Initially, these terms can be very confusing. But, with a little explanation, it is possible to understand the what all these terms mean without suffering an aneurism.


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However, in place of the expensive Fisher kernel, we present a new string kernel (sequence-similarity kernel), the spectrum kernel, for use in the SVM. The kernel is designed to be very simple and ecient to compute and does not depend on any generative model...


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2 The Kernel Trick. All the algorithms we have described so far use the data only through inner products.


Spectrum is a simple, profile oriented kernel manager that allows developers to create profiles to serve to their users. This is useful for users who are inexperienced with kernel tweaking or users who want something that's a single click away.