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From vampires, witches, aliens, to mermaids, there are plenty of paranormal romances to watch on Netflix for those of us who gravitate towards magic


Romantic Movies. Can you feel the love tonight? You better believe it. From deep love stories to light RomComs, these romantic movies are ready and waiting.


From definitive and timeless romance movies like The Graduate to contemporary gems like The Silver Linings Playbook, this is every romance title on


This list of Netflix romance movies will have even the most jaded and cynical viewer swooning before long.


Netflix Has All Kinds of Romance Movies Right Now — Here Are the 25 Best.


--- Top 10 Vampire Movies on Netflix, Prime & HULU--- Vampire Movies on Amazon Prime: I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker Night Watchmen What We Do in...


This is another B-list Vampire movie on the list but once again, there’s a massive appeal for these types of movies. Unfortunately for this title, production was confined due to its budget but don’t let that put you off, it is still worth a watch on a horror binge day.


For instance, the Broadway adapted movie, "The Phantom of the Opera" is available. 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist,' starring Michael Cera and Alexis Dziena is also a great film.


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The movie is worth being included in the list of vampire movies on Netflix which focuses on an orphan teenager Milo and the dangerous neighborhood he lives in. You cannot call this movie to be exactly that of vampire one but surely it has scenes and graphic content which will let you know that...


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