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Download and install VMware Workstation and VMware vSphere. You should have basic knowledge of VMware Workstation like creating virtual


The virtualization blog by Joep Piscaer. VMware vSphere Client on Microsoft Windows 7!


I’ve never been sure why VMware makes it so hard to download the vSphere client, but I needed it recently for writing my article on installing the vSphere 5.5 client on a domain controller. To reproduce the error to get a screenshot, I needed a copy of the vSphere 5.5 client installer.


VMware Software Manager makes it easy to find, select, and download the content needed to install or upgrade a VMware product or suite with the push of a


vSphere Client Version. Installer File Name.


Luckily there have been a few good VMware forum posts such as this one by ftubio which outlines how to successfully run the vSphere Client under Windows 7. I thought I’d put together this brief post with a few screenshots to outline the required steps. I am running the x64 version of Windows 7 so you will...


vSphere 5.5, the server virtualization software from VMware had come up with several exciting


The VMware vSphere Client has an unattended install feature. This feature allows to install the client automatically without interaction. I wrote a little batch file which automatically downloads and installs all versions of the vSphere Client with one click.


Watch a free video on how to install the VMware vSphere Client in Windows 7.


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