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A wasp is any insect of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita that is neither a bee nor an ant. The Apocrita have a common evolutionary ancestor and form a clade; wasps as a group do not form a clade, but are paraphyletic with respect to bees and ants.


Wasp stings can be uncomfortable, but most people recover quickly and without complications. Wasps, like bees and hornets, are equipped with a stinger as a means of self-defense.


HI! I'm the Wasp! And you've just been STUNG! -- The Wasp. See Also: Expanded History. Janet Van Dyne was the daughter of world-renowned scientist Vernon Van Dyne. Early in her life, she was a flighty, self-centered dilettante living luxuriously on her father's fortune.


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2 : any of various hymenopterous insects (such as a chalcid or ichneumon wasp) other than wasps with larvae that are parasitic on other arthropods.


Calling herself "the Wasp", she became Pym's superhero partner. Later, she became a founding member and the first female member of the Avengers.


2) George W. Bush is a WASP 3) Dukkakis went to a WASP college.


ANT MAN AND THE WASP Trailer (Marvel 2018). Published: 2018/01/30. Channel: FilmSelect Trailer. WASP++WASP++Full Album.


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Define wasp. wasp synonyms, wasp pronunciation, wasp translation, English dictionary definition of wasp. or Wasp n. A white person of Protestant English or other Northern European ancestry...