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That's when I began to notice reactions to the wasp sting. My heart started beating very hard and fast. My finger tips and toes began to tingle.


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About noon on Sunday, my 6 year old was stung 3 times by wasps - twice on one finger and once on the belly.


A wasp’s stinger contains venom (a poisonous substance) that’s transmitted to humans during a sting. While a bee can only sting once because its stinger becomes stuck in the skin of its victim, a wasp can sting more than once during an attack.


Bees and wasps use their stingers as a means of self-defense. The stingers contain poisonous venom that causes reactions in your body.


For some children, a bee (or wasp or hornet) sting is a quick but scary prick that's over in a flash


I just got stung by a wasp and came in to get vinegar or baking soda and I saw the Clorox Wipe, I just wrapped some around my finger and the pain was gone


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