Отель «Илиовасилема» в Имеровигли, находящийся в идеальном месте для тех, кому нравится проводить свой отпуск в окружении роскоши на великолепном острове Санторини, гордится тем, что может предоставить два романтических номера «Илиовасилема Люкс» площадью 100 кв.м. каждый, ...


30 ноя 2017 ... To wash any cat you need to back to the exit, standing to the side. Even the African lion suffers bathing (gritting his teeth), but suffers :) Instructions f...


Are we swimming? Если хочешь чтобы мы плыли, мы плывём, чувак. If you wanna be swimming, we're swimming, dude. Похоже мы плывём домой и идём домой. Looks like we're swimming home and walking home. плывут. "Из Атлантиды, из страны, что ушла глубоко на дно моря, где гигантские спруты плывут ...

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Больше примеров. I used to swim twice a week, but I seem to have got out of the habit recently. We want clean rivers and lakes, where you can swim without risk to your health. He used to swim for his country when he was younger. Who was the first person to swim the English Channel? We swam ashore. Тезаурус: ...


Do you want that new swimming costume? Хочешь новый купальный костюм или нет? proposing... that we ask which swimming costume we're going to put on . ј вы просто предлагаете выбрать, какой купальный костюм мы наденем. I know she's out 'cause I just saw her go through the front door in her swimming ...


..другие киты подплывают под него ...и выносят его наверх. .. Other whales swim under it ... And carried him upstairs. И они подплывают всё ближе. They're swimming closer as we speak. Морские котики подплывают к моему окну в спальне и говорят: "Йоу, Кейси, пора вставать, кореш. The seals will swim up to my ...


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Translation: swim, float, drift, sail, steam. Examples: Я уме'ю пла'вать. - I can swim. Он не уме'ет пла'вать. - He doesn't know how to swim. Мы любим пла' вать в океа'не. - We like swimming in the ocean.


See, we swim against the current. Вот бы ты посмотрела, как мы плаваем. We expected you down to watch us swim. И она поворачивается, хлопает глазами и говорит "мы плаваем, папочка", And she turns around, bats her eyelids and says, "we're just swimming, daddy." Мы будем плавать с дельфинами и пить ...


Apr 9, 2017 ... This time we take the AGM X1 & AGM A8 to the swimming pool, we have a lot of fun there, hope you guys can enjoy with us. Aliexpress Top picks Event: https://...


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Can swimming help you lose weight and just how many calories will a good swim burn? We take a look at how swimming can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


We understand how forces work and how to use them to our advantage. If you've never thought about swimming as a science, now's the time to start.


How else would we swimming every day? Где еще мы плавали бы каждый день?


Each swimming workout we prepare is based on over 10,000 unique data points, and that’s just for a 4 month season. And every one of them is crucial to your progress.


Winter swimming is the activity of swimming during the winter season, typically in outdoor locations (open water swimming) or in unheated pools or lidos. In colder countries it may be synonymous with ice swimming, when the water is frozen over.


"We Should Be Swimming" by Zulu Winter (Google Play • iTunes).


We Should Be Swimming. Zulu Winter. Produced by Tom Morris. Album Language.


We've picked out the best waterproof fitness tracker along with a bunch of wearables that we've played with that can survive a dip in the pool, which should be on the shopping list for any swimming...


swimming trunks — купальные трусы swimming truck — автомобиль-амфибия. - залитый.