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Basically, they are right wing because they define themselves in opposition to the left, even if they differ with traditionalist conservatives.


Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist or the Nazi party represented extreme left wing politics. Hitler has been deliberately mis-labelled as extreme right wing by many in the


Orthodox Hebrews tend to be on the right, politically. However, so-called conservative or reform Hebrew people are much more centrist or lean to the left.


Nazis are considered ultra right wingers. However, the extreme right wing and the extreme left wing are similar in many ways. The distance between these two extremes is probably less than the distance between conservative Republicans...


Far-right politics is a term used to describe politics further on the right of the left-right spectrum than the standard


The Nazi economic program was largely left wing (command economy). But simply because the Nazis were statists does not mean they were left wing...


Hitler and the Nazis were right wing. This is how they considered themselves, this is how their current neo-nazi successors consider themselves.


Was Nazism on the ultra-extreme right or the ultra-extreme left, politically? Why is it more socially acceptable to be politically "far-left" than it is to be