24 янв 2018 ... Additionally, Azerbaijan's successes last year in developing east–west transit routes effectively contributed further to isolating Armenia regionally. ... Indeed, 2017 was not the right time for the leadership in Armenia to put forth compromises or concessions; rather, the government in Yerevan needed to look  ...


The Greater Middle East in the face of earnest geopolitical changes (Part I). Опубликовано: 25.07.2015. The current developments in the Greater Middle East provoke many experts and analysts to reflect their genuine nature, since this the most important subregion reaches a point of bifurcation after which it would hardly be ...


Russian Cultural centre in London. Politically independent, Registered UK Charity, owned and run by the Pushkin House Trust. Pushkin House hosts a varied programme of Russian literature, poetry, art, cinema, music, theatre and dance, history, philosophy and current affairs.


Jan 15, 2018 ... Dan: Well, this New Year I went to a party in East London with lots of friends; lots of dancing. Good times really. Kate: That sounds great fun - a great way to bring in the New Year! Dan: It was. It was very good indeed (на самом деле). And, of course, as well as (также как) celebrations (празднования), New ...


Kublai Khan did send a large fleet against Japan about the time stated, which met with a fate similar to that of Spanish Armade. (1) Речь .... It was during the reign of the same Emperor that the Bulgars, who in later days played so important a part in Byzantine history, first established themselves in the Balkans. 5. Schools  ...


Proud of his ancestry which he traced back to the twelfth century, Alexander. Pushkin (1799-1837) displayed a profound interest in history, with its quirks and myths, and in historical conflict. He was especially captivated by “periods of Russian history marked by turmoil and dramatic change”.2 Indeed, his fascination with the.


Wise, an apocryphal text originating in the ancient Middle East earlier than 500 B.C., was translated into Church ..... form, is used 34 times; the iže-type Old Slavonic relative pronoun occurs only once as eže in the neuter .... the lack of this part indeed indicates the connection of these copies, yet this feature is shared with ...


May 18, 2010 ... The oldest of Russia's naval fleets was founded by Tsar Peter The Great, himself as part of his Herculean efforts to secure a “Window on the West” for Russia ... Every time the US talks about putting missiles in places like Poland “to fight terrorism in the Middle East,” Russia drops a hint (thud) that Kaliningrad ...


23 окт 2007 ... С пяти лет моей мечтой является поездка в Лондон. И моя жизнь не имела бы смысла, если бы она не была похожа на постоянную погоню за мечтой. Да, я всегда все ... Hello! I'm new here. I've entered this site some months ago for the first time and I was glad to find the "Learn English" section.



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