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Realist.online — общественно-политическое онлайн-издание. Мы ПОКАЗЫВАЕМ реальную картину событий в стране и мире и УКАЗЫВАЕМ на темы, которые определят реальность.


Спекулятивный реализм (англ. Speculative realism) — развивающееся направление в современной философии, определяющее себя как метафизический реализм: позиция, которая противостоит господствующим формам посткантианской философии (называемым ими корреляционизмом) . Наименование ...

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realism: Определение realism: 1. a way of thinking and acting based on facts and what is possible, rather than on hopes for things that are unlikely to happen: 2. in science and philosophy, the belief that objects continue to exist in the world even when no one is there to see them3. paintings, films, books…. Узнать больше.


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Соцреализм. Socialist realism. Realismo socialista, Moscow, Russia. 19446 likes · 955 talking about this. Советское искусство — это не только...


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Наи́вный реали́зм — эпистемологическая позиция в философии и в обыденном сознании, согласно которой реально всё, что нормальный человек воспринимает в нормальных условиях и описывает общепринятым и соответствующим фактам языком. С точки зрения наивного реалиста, реальность — это ...


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Examples of realism in a Sentence. He has a sense of realism about what can be done to improve the economy. The realism of her dream was alarming.


Realism is a widely used term in the arts.


"Realism is what we expect to be the basis of any fiction... Art must replicate life in some form.". — Sofos. This trope describes the aesthetic school known as Realism.


There are two general aspects to realism, illustrated by looking at realism about the everyday world of macroscopic objects and their properties.


Realism definition, interest in or concern for the actual or real, as distinguished from the abstract, speculative, etc. See more.


Realism, Realistic, or Realists may refer to: Philosophical realism, belief that reality exists independently of observers. Related positions include: Aesthetic realism (metaphysics). Agential realism (Barad). Australian realism. Entity realism. Hermeneutic realism (Heidegger).


Realism in the arts is the attempt to represent subject matter truthfully, without artificiality and avoiding artistic conventions, implausible, exotic and supernatural elements. Realism has been prevalent in the arts at many periods, and is in large part a matter of technique and training...


Definition of Realism. Realism is a movement in art, which started in the mid nineteenth century in France, and later spread to the entire world.


Realism Lever does not aim at: he declines to be on his oath about anything. He could have put them on paper with every appearance of realism.


realism. 1. (c 1830–80) A largely French movement that developed in reaction to idealized and mythical/historical subjects.


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