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    1. 'Serial' hero Adnan Syed gets second chance in US court - The Express Tribune

      • ANNAPOLIS: For the past 18 years he has spent behind bars, Adnan Syed has claimed he is innocent of murdering his ex-girlfriend in a case turned into a global
      • “How can you evaluate an alibi witness if you don’t even talk to them?” chief judge Patrick Woodward asked during the state’s presentation.


    2. adnan syed case don - Информационно-поисковая База Afn.kz

      • An Introduction to the Case Against Adnan Syed. According to Stephanie, after meeting Don, Adnan was okay with their dating because he didn’t feel as though Don was “a threat to his manhood” and he felt as though Hae’s choice in Don “was a step down”.


    3. Adnan Syed | RELEVANT Magazine

      • There’s been a somewhat significant update in the case against Adnan Syed.
      • inside the magazine. Judah Smith: Feelings Don’t Rule Our Lives. A while back I played in a golf tournament at a local golf course.


    4. Adnan Syed’s Hearing - Serial

      • February 2016: Sarah Koenig ducks back into the Adnan Syed case for a few days.
      • Syed’s attorney will introduce new evidence, and present a case for why his conviction should be overturned. Sarah and producer Dana Chivvis will discuss what happens, day by day.


    5. Undisclosed: State Vs Adnan Syed—Murder Case Fabrication, Baltimore Style - Popdust

      • Adnan Syed Case Dissected—What ACTUALLY Happened The Day Hae Lee Was Murdered?
      • Aisha speaks to O’Shea about January 13—the first record of anyone, aside from Adnan and Don, being officially interviewed by cops.


    6. Adnan Syed | HuffPost

      • ADNAN SYED
      • CRIME Prosecutors Try Blocking Appeal In 'Serial' Case
      • COMEDY Someone Just Turned 'Serial' Into The Perfect Rom-Com
      • The state's decision to appeal Adnan Syed's retrial could delay the case by at least a year.


    7. Adnan Syed’s story continues post-‘Serial’ in new podcast | PBS NewsHour

      • “Undisclosed: The State v. Adnan Syed” is a new podcast produced by Chaudry in conjunction with two other lawyers, Susan Simpson and Colin Miller. The first episode will premiere on April 13. Chaudry said the new podcast will be an investigation of the case rather than a narrative, as “Serial” was.


    8. Serial Podcast – Episode 6: The Case Against Adnan Syed | Genius

      • Album Serial Season 1. Episode 6: The Case Against Adnan Syed Lyrics. This transcript is annotated!
      • That, eh, I don’t know what they mean. Or if they mean much of anything. But I’m going to tell you about them in case. A note came up at trial.


    9. Adnan Syed: Innocent or Guilty? | Watch Full Episodes & More! - Investigation Discovery

      • The 1999 murder case-turned-national obsession thanks to the 2014 podcast SERIAL is revisited through exclusive new interviews. Hear from key players in the case as Adnan Syed, convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, fights for a new trial.


    10. Adnan Syed Case Dissected—What ACTUALLY Happened The Day Hae Lee Was Murdered? - Popdust

      • Chaudhry explains that she, Simpson and Miller, are “not journalists, but three lawyers, interested in the minute details of the case of the State vs Adnan Syed,” continuing, “We like getting into the leads, and plan on taking you with us.