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It is found in the northern Amazon rainforest and Guiana Shield in tropical South America. Unlike all other trumpeters, the rump and back are grey in the ...


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The Amazon rainforest, also known in English as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is a moist broadleaf forest in the Amazon biome that covers most of the Amazon basin of South America.


The Amazon is a rainforest in South America. It encompasses 1.2 billion acres (7 million km²), with parts located within nine nations: Brazil (with 60% of


The Amazon Rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world. This article starts with some amazing quick facts about the Amazon Rainforest.


Southern South American Rainforest. Bolivian rainforests, which escaped the bad deforestation that happened in other parts of Amazon, contain more than 2000 species of hardwood, and animals like emperor tamarin and peccaries. But there are also some rainforests in south America outside the...


Amazon Rainforest: Amazon Rainforest, large tropical rainforest occupying the Amazon basin in northern South America.


The Amazon River in South America is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world, and by some definitions it is the longest.


How large is the Amazon rainforest? The extent of the Amazon depends on the definition. The the Amazon River drains about 6.915 million sq km (2.722 sq mi), or roughly 40 percent of South America, but generally areas outside the basin are included when people speak about "the Amazon."


The Amazon rainforest is located in South America and covers 2.1 million square miles of land. Brazil has 60%, Peru has 13%, and Colombia has 10% while other countries have very small parts of the rainforest within their borders. Altogether there are nine nations that enjoy all that the Amazon...


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