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From your standard, ASCII chart, behold the character codes for ‘0’ through ‘9’


The values 000 0000 through 111 1111 or 00 through 7F are used giving ASCII the ability to represent 128 different characters.


Ascii Values 0 Through 31. ASCII in java. 5.8 How to Print Ascii values in Java ascii american Standard code for information Interchange is the most common format for text files in computers and on the Internet.


It assigns a number in the range 0..255 to every character that can be entered at the keyboard. More on ASCII. —— The numbers 0..31 are reserved for


That's because the inventor of ASCII code thought they areimportant characters.


The most widely accepted code is called the American Standard Code for Information Interchange ( ASCII).


ASCII character set / list. The first ASCII character 32 values (0 through 31) are codes for things like carriage return and line feed. The space character is the 33rd value, followed by punctuation, digits, uppercase characters and lowercase characters.


Integer values 0 through 31, when interpreted with the ASCII character map, are so-called control characters and as such have no visual glyph associated with them. They tell software how to behave rather than what to display.